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JANET SHELL - funeral reviews

Celebration of life CB March 2024
Wow! C came back to life most poignantly, staring us down, laughing with us, just as we remember her. An effect unachievable in a church service.

Funeral CH December 2023 – woodland burial
Thank you for leading us through it today, and for all the time you put in finding out about Dad. You really did him justice. You are one of the warmest people I know, and I knew you were the perfect choice of celebrant.

Funeral RAS December 2023
I wanted to say the biggest thank you I can muster from my boots for the outstanding way you prepared us for and conducted my father's funeral. As we have all said, we felt in very safe hands throughout the process and you guided us to create a very beautiful service that we all felt truly reflected my dad.
You managed to capture him so perfectly in everything you said and to deliver the stories about his cockney birth and his unfortunate name story with exactly the kind of humour he would so have appreciated. You created and maintained a lovely, light and loving energy throughout, and your decision to allow the applause really helped all of us to engage with what we were feeling and release pent-up emotions.
The boys, particularly Henry, were so impressed with your musical pedigree and I think the strength of the musical vibe throughout the day was hugely enhanced by that.
I woke up this morning realising how stressful our hanging around at the end must have been for you and the funeral director and I'm sorry for that, but we never once felt any pressure and yet it all flowed according to plan. Thank you so much for giving the four of us that time. It was very precious.
I'm very grateful to you for your compassion and empathy, your experience and your skill. You helped to make a very difficult day a genuine celebration of life.

Funeral for RAS December 2023
We have all been reflecting on it and I realise how your gathering it all together was so essential to the success of the day. So many people have said it was the best they had ever been to. For my part I know Tony would have been thrilled with it all.

IH May 2023
"On what was an emotional day, Janet held everything together with a lightness of touch, calmness and good humour. She helped us enormously in the planning of the ceremony and guided us in making the day a lovely send off for our Mum. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her."

T & H April 2023
Thank you for conducting the ceremony yesterday. It was such a lovely day and exactly what we wanted. We had so many people come up to us and tell us how much they enjoyed the ceremony!
We really appreciate all the advice and guidance beforehand and for being so accommodating.
Janet delivered an enjoyable and tailored ceremony. She was responsive to emails and accommodating to our needs. She was great!

JH funeral April 2023
In all my years, I have never attended such a heartfelt occasion such as yesterday. It was the most beautiful celebration of J’s life. Thank you for all the organisation you oversaw. You were a lovely reassuring presence.
Such a lovely send off for J. It was sad, humorous and reflective.
It seems an odd thing to say, but that was the best funeral I have ever attended.
Top funeral for a top girl.
You caught our mum 100% and were such a support to us. From the moment you visited us to the day itself, you guided us and your presence was a real comfort.
So many people have said how special the day was. I’m trying hard not to thank you yet again.

GB funeral April 2023
Thank you for conducting such a lovely service for us, I thought it was a perfect mix of emotions and tributes and a very fitting send off.
I thought you led the service really well yesterday and provided some welcome calmness and clarity amidst all the emotion! I thought your words were pitched perfectly.

R Guest celebration of life Feb 2023
Beautiful, bitter sweet day yesterday.
Thank you for arranging it all so superbly. It was incredible how you spliced S’s whole life together. I finally got to know the man. Thank you for that, sincerely.
I would recommend you time and time again. You really helped make the day a huge success.

S Guest celebration of life Feb 2023
Thank you for yesterday. You did a great job making the afternoon really work. Not an easy thing to do, so very much appreciated.

J & A celebration of life February 2023
We just wanted to send you a heartfelt thank you for all your hard work putting yesterday together for us. Your input and professionalism made the event go seamlessly and meant we could actually sit back and enjoy the celebration of S.
What a guy!! It was great working with you!

G on funeral January 2023
I wanted to drop a personal note to say thank you so much for leading a lovely & memorable service to celebrate the life of my mum. Literally every person who joined us at the service has expressed their impression of a beautiful send off and wonderful "good bye" Sincere thanks to you for all you did, yesterday and before in setting everything up so the event ran so smoothly


All my fees are inclusive of travel, so what you see is what you pay. No hidden extras.

Fee for funeral ceremonies: £400

Janet is very happy for fees to be paid by instalments


Favourite Funeral Poems read by Janet

Death is nothing at all
by Canon Henry Scott Holland

Gone from my sight
by Henry Van Dyke

Miss me, but let me go

Then joy stepped in
by Wilhelmina Stitch

When I'm gone
by Mrs Lyman Hancock


Contact Janet

Email: janetshell@talktalk.net
Phone: 07730409648

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