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A naming ceremony

Do you wish to have some kind of ceremony which acknowledges the roles that chosen adults will play in your child’s life, yet you are not a regular church goer and wonder how to enable this?

A Naming ceremony might just fit the bill. The tradition of having a naming day stretches across the globe and most countries have a tradition associated with the given name of a child; in Christian communities it is known as a christening.

The naming ceremony is a moment to acknowledge your child’s presence in the world and to welcome the child into the family with promises made in public by specific adults who will be invested in helping the child grow and develop. Often these adults are called ‘guide parents’ or ‘mentors’ or ‘supporting adults’ and the promises they make reflect their individual and collective roles moving forward.

I offer a naming ceremony for those who may follow a spiritual pathway or who wish to put in place such a moment in front of family and friends.

The ceremony is written for you and then delivered on the day.

A naming ceremony:

  • Is an opportunity to reflect on your wishes for your child as they grow
  • Can take place in any venue – home gardens are popular!
  • Focuses on the name the child has been given and its significance – it may be a long standing family name for example
  • Introduces the concept of adults who will promise to guide and support the child throughout their life, offering their wisdom and love as a trusted ally
  • Brings everybody together with a common purpose
  • Helps everybody reflect on what is important in life
  • Can bring adopted children into the family in a very meaningful way
  • Unites together children from previous relationships into one family
  • Is a public acknowledgement of your commitment to your child

There are many different ways to go about this and I, as your celebrant, can offer suggestions and thoughts and work with you to create an unforgettable ceremony.

You can plant a rose or tree to commemorate the day.

I will create a certificate of the day and if an older child is being named, how about some handprints incorporated into the certificate?

It is an opportunity to pass on a family heirloom.

Friends can read poems or a meaningful passage from a novel or sing a song.

I will set up the promises that the adults will take in front of family and friends as witnesses.

It is possible to name more than one child on the day and a lovely moment for an older child to speak their promise to their sibling.

A naming ceremony


Fee for naming ceremonies: £450

Janet is very happy for fees to be paid by instalments


Contact Janet

Email: janetshell@talktalk.net
Phone: 07730409648

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A naming ceremony
A happy child!

A naming ceremony
A ceremony that embraces everyone

A naming ceremony
A happy mother!